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Leona & I had a lot of fun during our first sitting, so we immediately scheduled a second one.  For this sitting, we started later in the afternoon, utilizing the late summer sunlight & some artificial lighting. 
Leona, Second Sitting, Getting Started, September, 2002

Getting Started

You know, I've photographed dozens of women, so I'd consider myself "experienced", but I have to admit that it's still a big thrill when I see a model without her clothes for that first moment of a sitting, even if I've worked with a model before.  So, how to express this?   


Leona, Window Light, September, 2002

Window Light

Leona & I use the same window that Angela & I used for our last lighting setup.  But it's later in the year, and the sun is a bit lower.  Plus, the sun was moving in & out of the clouds all afternoon.


Leona, Floored (Living Room), September, 2002

Floored (Living Room)

At this time of year, there is a patch of direct sunlight on the living room floor in the late afternoon.  This bit of light was greatly improved with the addition of Leona's lovely figure. 


Assessment:  The best part of working with models of limited experience is that they are very interested in the end result.  By now, I've had two sittings with Leona, plus two "post mortems" where we reviewed the work prints plus a few e-mail exchanges.  I still enjoy working with Leona & I look forward to working with her again often & soon.   

During this sitting, I tried using my strobe lights in addition to the bright afternoon ambient light, and I have to admit that I didn't do a great job.  I didn't react to the changing light (when the sun ducked behind a cloud or two).  I miss my studio, and I'm beginning to think about finding a studio & getting back into it.  With her long torso, neck, and limbs, Leona would look terrific under studio lighting.

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