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August, 2002


I found Leona on a modeling web site that supported searches by state.  Leona recently decided to try her hand at modeling and has worked with a modest number of local photographers. 
Leona Torso, back stairs, August, 2002

The Back Stairs

The back stairs continues to be the best place for light at mid-day.  Leona & I started our sitting there. 


Leona, Up In The Office, August, 2002

Upstairs, In The Office

It's funny -- when I moved here, I spent about four weeks unpacking, but when I started back to work, I stopped unpacking, and the upstairs office, although functional, still has boxes piled on the floor.  We moved these aside & made a few exposures here, using both the spot lights (as you see here) and some window light.


Leona, Dining Room, August, 2002

Dining Room

We rattled around the dining room for a while, making pictures on the dining room table and on the sideboard. 


Leona, Living Room, August, 2002

Living Room

The lighting in my living room changes dramatically during the afternoon, and I like to end my in-home sittings there.  There's comfortable furniture, good light, and typically by the end of the session, we reach a good comfort zone with each other.


Assessment:  Leona is one of the most attractive people I've had the privilege to photograph.  She is all natural (i.e. no enhancements, no stains (tattoos), and no piercings; and on top of that, she has the kind of figure that I love to photograph -- she's tall, long limbed, and long necked.  Add the face of an angel, and you have a total package.  Also, she moved about the house without clothing and without self consciousness.  But there's more -- I really enjoyed being with her.  She is well grounded with close ties to family & friends, she is prompt, courteous, reliable, considerate.  I look forward to working with her again & often -- in fact, as I write this, we are negotiating our next sitting in a week or so.  

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