Ryonen, First Visit, June 2011

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Page created December 24, 2011
Sitting date:  June 29, 2011

Ryonen exploded onto our local scene here in Portland.  Her eldritch face, her large eyes, and her hour glass figure made her an instant sensation for many photographer here in town and around the world.  She became in demand as soon as people saw photographs of her.

When I work with a model for the first time, I usually intend to photograph her using both natural / ambient light and studio strobes.  Ryonen & I started using window light in the big comfy chair, then we wandered the house using whatever light we found there -- we never got around to using those strobes.  Hence, "Unplugged". 

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Ryonen & The Big Comfy Chair


Ryonen's Robe & The Back Stairs


Ryonen On The Table Under The Skylight


Ryonen In The Office Alcove


Ryonen In The Office Spotlight

Around the time of this sitting, Ryonen's modeling career exploded.  She's traveled to Europe.  She worked with several prominent photographers.  She has signed with a couple of agencies.  In fact, I think I just saw her in a national TV ad for a cosmetic company.

She well deserves her success.  Sadly, it is unlikely that she will have the time to pose for amateurs like me.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed making them. 


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Ryonen, First Visit Out Takes

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