Natalia, Fifth Visit, September 2010

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Page created June 19, 2011
Sitting date:  September 21, 2010


I first met Natalia in 2005; she lived in L.A. at that time, but she came to town often to visit friends.  We hit it off right away & created some lovely images together -- more, we enjoyed working together a big lot.  However, she stopped coming to town after 2007, and I missed her.  We stayed in touch.

One day recently, she found some cheap air fares to town here, and she suggested a trip.  She offered to pose for me "as much as I want" in exchange for the air fare, an offer that made my toes curl.  I agreed, and we worked together for two consecutive days.  

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Day One

Natalia, Sun Worship


Getting Started Second


Sun Worship Redux


Distorted Natalia

Day Two

Day 2; Guest Room


Day 2; Under The Skylight


Day 2; The Chair's Gravity


Day 2; Shower Ghost


Natalia Bonus Pictures

In aggregate, I think the images we made on the second day are better than the ones we made on the first day.

Natalia seems untouched by the past five years -- she's still fit, beautiful, and graceful.  More -- she & I have always had special chemistry, and that is even better than ever.   


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Natalia, Fifth Visit Out Takes

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