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Sitting date:  November 4, 2005


Kira & I tried to get together over the summer, but our schedules never aligned.  Once the school year starts, Kira gets exceedingly busy, but when she had a free afternoon available, she suggested that we get together for a quick sitting.  Afterwards, she had evening plans downtown (that is, nearby).  It worked out for all of us.



For much of this sitting, Kira was in charge.  She especially enjoyed the pictures she & I made in my shower, and she was eager to make some more, especially since her figure was exceedingly fit right now. 




Of course, starting in the shower is exactly backwards:  I always use the shower as the last setup for a sitting.  After the shower, the model's hair is often messed up and her makeup is gone.

Kira's plan was to use the shower to get cleaned up, then do her hair, then apply some makeup for the evening, and finish the sitting with some semi-glamorous poses. 

Kira's in charge -- who am I to argue?







It's pretty obvious that Kira has been working out.  I've never seen her in better shape.  In fact, I've never seen anyone in better shape.








This is a steam room, and it's fairly big by shower standards -- maybe 6.5 feet by 4.5 feet.  Although big for a shower, it's small for a studio.  In fact, I can't bring the film camera in here; there just isn't enough room to maneuver.  My digital camera, however, is tiny, can use its pivoting & swinging LCD screen to compose images, and has a very wide angle setting.  That makes it ideal for the shower.  I don't have to stand behind it, and I can explore all sorts of angles.

Here, the camera is set at its widest angle setting, and I'm holding it at Kira's chest level.  I like the perspective of this image and the two above.

I can also hold the camera low.  For a moment, Kira gets down on the floor, and I move the camera down there with her.






We jump up and try some baby oil, but Kira's skin soaks it up.  Just the same, I like this perspective & Kira is easy on the eyes.  We keep trying.






We keep applying baby oil, and Kira's skin takes up a wonderful sheen.  This isn't the ideal lighting for baby oil lovelies, but the confines of the shower are tight, and I don't really have too many options.

Besides, it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.







I often note that I don't photograph backs often enough, and there are few things more sexy than the small of a woman's back.  Kira, in particular, has a great back & some fine dimples.

Of course, model's backs & baby oil presents some logistical challenges.  Fortunately, Kira & I have gotten to know each other, and we manage somehow.








We conclude our time in the shower, and an unusual hour follows.  I pull the studio equipment out of the bathroom, and Kira takes a leisurely shower & washes her hair.  I have time to go upstairs & upload the images we made -- as a special surprise, I make a couple quick 4x6 prints for Kira.  I have time to go downstairs & chat with Kira as she carefully applies her makeup for the rest of our sitting & her evening out.  As she puts on her final touches, I set up the next studio setting -- I figured we could do some fine art figure studies to celebrate her marvelous figure.

This sitting continues with Fit Kira.


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Kira, Fifth Sitting Out Takes

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