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Sitting date:  November 4, 2005


We are having a leisurely sitting -- Kira is doing that magic thing that women do to make themselves beautiful.  I've got to admit that it is magic to me -- I have no idea how they do it, but I can appreciate the results.



Kira's skin is luminous.  I setup some soft & shadowy light to highlight her skin & her terrific figure.









Kira has the best shoulders & arms of any model I know.  I've got to admit that I don't quite know how to photograph them, but I welcome a challenge.  I'll have to work on that, but in the meantime, you can perhaps enjoy my near-misses. 








We didn't get far into this setup before I realized that I was being a fool.  Kira had carefully applied makeup to her face, and she was looking terrific, but I had chosen a lighting setup that emphasized her figure while sacrificing her face.  In other words, this is great lighting for her torso but fairly poor lighting for her face.  Kira casually mentions that she doesn't have any good images of her face, and that's it -- I drop everything, change the lighting, and come up with a scheme that flatters both her face and her figure.  See them on the next page.

This sitting concludes with Close To Kira


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Kira, Fifth Sitting Out Takes

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