Tiana, Second Visit, May 2013

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Page created July 19, 2014
Sitting date: 
 May 21, 2013

I appear to be on hiatus!  It's been over a year since this sitting, and longer still since I've made a public update to this site.  It is not planned -- it sort of happened.  I'll cover more details in the narrative on the following pages.

Tiana is a very known model who has worked in many genres, including fine art, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.  But like nearly all models, their careers last years but not decades.  When we worked together this time, Tiana was transitioning -- she still models but she is beginning to transition into a career as a photographer (and she is a great photographer).  She is also preparing to move cross-country to start her new life in a new city.  It was an exciting & anxious time for her. 

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Studio Shadows


Studio Draped

I am a big, big fan of Tiana's work, both as a model & as a photographer.  She's also marvelously easy to be around.



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Tiana, Second Visit Out Takes

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