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Page created  December 13, 2012
Sitting date:  September 4, 2012


I like working with models multiple times, and this is the fifth time Keira & I have worked together:
  • The objective of a first sitting with a new-to-me model is simply to get acquainted.  It's difficult to predict our chemistry, so I just try some general concepts and work on communications with the model.
  • The objective of the next few sittings is to build on our working relationship, choosing concepts & lighting setup that might work well with that model.
  • After that, it's time to experiment with the model, trying new setups & lighting.

That kinda what we are trying here.  I haven't done a mild bondage session for several years -- since the time of my last fetish session, I've gone totally digital and have developed a lot more skill.  So, I was curious to see what we could produce.




This picture on the left is a cropped version of the image above.  I've said this before, but my first camera was a 35mm rangefinder, and with such a camera, you are never quite sure where the edges of the negative will fall.  Thus, I've gotten into the habit of taking a half step back and including  more in the image that is necessary.  I plan to crop pretty much every image I make.  

I realize that there are several photographers who take pride in using every bit of the image (negative or digital)  More power to them, but my cropping habit is deeply ingrained.

Besides, I like unusual cropping, off center compositions, and unusual image length-width ratios.  That's how I roll.

Bottom line:  assume every image you see here is a cropped image. 







I've known Keira for a few years now, and despite her living on the road nearly all of the time, she always arrives fit & lean with marvelous muscle definition.  Her figure is just perfect. 



I also have to say that I kinda like the lighting we figured out.  It took me a little longer to get this set up, probably because it's a bit different from what I usually do.  I've eschewed the usage of the big soft boxes, choosing instead to work with a tiny soft box for the main light and a couple of six inch reflectors (one behind Keira lighting her hair and another on the floor lighting the wall).  I still get the tonal separation I prefer (at least most of the time), but there is a little more drama with this lighting.



 Futile Struggles


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

All images (c) 2012 Looknsee Photography

There are no out takes from this sitting.