Getting Set

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Page created  December 13, 2012
Sitting date:  September 4, 2012



If you look at the Oregon Nudes By Model list, you will note that I've worked with some models only once, some models only two or three times, and some models more often.  Please note -- some traveling models, for whatever reason, simply don't return to our little corner of the country; other models & I just don't establish chemistry; and sometimes, a traveling model comes through town at a time when I can't spare the time and/or money for a sitting.  You simply can't draw conclusions about why I work with models a small number of times.

However, it's a safe bet to assume that when I work with a model a large number of times, conditions are just right:  we enjoy working together, we are inspired & challenged by each other, and it's simply worth our time & effort to get together.



Keira has been modeling for several years now, and she's both well traveled & successful.  As time goes on, she's been relaxing her limits a little bit at a time, and I always like when a model challenges me.  Somehow, we decided to try a fetish (mild bondage) shoot -- something I haven't done in several years.  She agreed with great enthusiasm.

Several years ago, a local leather shop, Spartacus Leathers,  gave me a truck full of products.  We get these fun toys out of storage & try them out.

Here, we are just getting started -- I'm still fine tuning the lighting. 

Note:  I do like wide angle lenses -- they make close spaces seem spacious.  You would never guess that the ceiling here is only a little more than 7 feet high.  I wish I had done more wide angle images this time.  Further, I crop everything, and that kinda defeats the advantage of the wide angle lens distortions. 


Certainly, the subject matter is challenging.  I'll talk about that later.  But the pure logistics were challenging, too:

  • The basement has a very low ceiling,

  • There's not a lot of space to move around, and

  • We only had an hour together.

Further, I haven't often worked in the basement, so it takes me a little extra time to figure out how I want to light these images.  Here, we are still adjusting & trying stuff out.




Among the difficulties:  I can't seem to get the exposure right (but at least I'm doing okay with the color balance).


I'm learning that with digital, it's better to be slightly underexposed (and with film, it's better to be slightly overexposed).  This digital image was so overexposed that there really wasn't much hope in saving it. 

Still, the paint brush effect is interesting, isn't it?




I'm getting more settled with the lighting -- I like the shadows; they set the right mood without obscuring Keira's lovely figure much.  Keira is doing a great job with appropriate facial expressions, too. 







It took us a while to get started, but now we are hitting our stride.  Want to see more?



(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

All images (c) 2012 Looknsee Photography

There are no out takes from this sitting.