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I like to keep in touch with models, even if (or especially if) they are not local.  Since our first sitting in October, 2001, Lydia & I exchanged the occasional e-mail.  Then, one day, as I was surfing the Internet, I came across a few pictures of Lydia doing some bondage pictures.  As it turns out, Lydia does lots of bondage sittings.  Now, I've done some light bondage work with Karina, who enjoy this kind of work, and I've always liked creating such images.  Then, on short notice, Lydia let me know that she is coming through town & had a few hours to kill.  So, I scrambled to get ready & we met on a rainy Saturday afternoon. 

Lydia in the Dungeon, September, 2002

The Dungeon

We go deep down into my basement, where we found ways to restrain Lydia.


Lydia on the Back Stairs -- September, 2002

The Back Stairs

Okay, I chickened out -- rather than devote the entire sitting to our bondage theme, Lydia & I find some nice light on the back stairs for a change of pace.


Assessment:  Lydia continues to be a delight.  She was resourceful, supportive, and encouraging during our dungeon setup, and she is wonderfully lovely.  She stood with her wrists retrained above her head without complaint and always had constructive ideas & suggestions.  I recommend her highly.

Karina, my favorite California model, also did quite a lot of bondage photography.  For those so interested, some more of my bondage photography can be found on the following pages:

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