Page created July 5, 2006
Sitting date:  May 25, 2006

Lynsey Joy recently moved to town from Seattle.  I became aware of her after she posed for another local photographer, R.J. Young.  One of the nice things about building a little local artistic community is the communication.  On R.J.'s recommendation, Lynsey & I got together for a "getting acquainted" sitting. 
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The objective was "getting acquainted", and that we did.  Lynsey was sweet, well prepared, and fun to work with; and her physical attributes are evident in these images. 


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Lynsey Joy #1 Out Takes

Over 100 more images from this sitting are available in the Out Takes Galleries, which are available to those who have made a donation to the upkeep of this web site.  See this FAQ question for more details.

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