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Now that the days are shorter, I'm thinking about doing evening sittings, utilizing my studio lighting in my living room.  Leona comes over for my first such sitting. 
Leona, Soft Evening Light, Living Room, October, 2002

Living Room

We set up a large soft box, a little to my left & a little higher than Leona's head, for some classically lit nude portraits. 


Leona, In The Shower, October, 2002


We set things up in the shower.  Then (this being the Halloween season), things got messy.


Leona, After The Shower, October, 2002

After The Shower

After the shower fun, Leona cleans herself up, dons my favorite shirt, and returns to the living room for some sexy portraits. 


Assessment:  I think Leona is much more comfortable posing for me, and it shows in this session.  We continue to have lots of fun, and we are able to "set the bar higher" for each sitting.

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