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Sitting date:  November 4, 2005


When Kira mentions that she hasn't got a good image of her face, I immediately change the lighting setup so that we can include her face in many of the following exposures.




For some reason, the autofocus of the digital camera has a little trouble with this setup -- I think it's because I'm using a mild telephoto setting, and perhaps the way I'm holding the camera in such a way as to interfere with the infrared focusing assist mechanism.  But I kinda like the soft focus -- it wasn't intentional, but it is acceptable to me.

Meanwhile, see?  This is nice lighting for Kira's lovely face.




I've told this story before -- I once spent a day with Ruth Bernhard, one of the old masters from the golden age of photography.  I asked her how many exposures she made during a sitting, and she replied, "Just the one".  I was flabbergasted!  I tend to preconceive a few different setups for each sitting, and once we get started, we try a few variations & refinements.

Here's an example:  if we are going to focus on Kira's face, I wanted to cover all her "naughty bits" -- I ask her to position her arms so that her breasts are covered.  Now we can focus on her face better.  We play at covering her up & exposing her for several exposures.












At some point, I switch to the film camera.

Kira plays with her squeaky clean hair.  I like the image below.




 The position of Kira's left hand & her soft lips makes this image more than a little erotic.




Here is the final image from this sitting.  And it is my favorite one from this sitting.  In fact, this image is perhaps my favorite of this year so far.  I like the expression & lighting on Kira's face, I like her clean but somewhat disheveled hair, I like a little incidental nudity that doesn't overly detract from her lovely face, and I like the casual display of Kira's exceptional muscle tone.



This was a different & short sitting.  We drank a bottle of wine.  We took our time.  We took an hour's break in the middle while Kira got herself ready for the second half of the sitting (and her evening plans).  In the end, we made an image, this last one above, that was one of my favorites of the year.


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Kira, Fifth Sitting Out Takes

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