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Sitting date:  August 31, 2005

My favorite model, Jessica (first sitting, second sitting), is a fine photographer in her own right, but as a starving college student, she can't afford models often.  We decide to share models during her summer visit with her folks.  In early August, we photographed Yulia together.  In mid-August, we had an all day photo orgy with Betcee May.  Finally, at the end of the summer, Jessica comes over to pose for me.  Just the two of us.   
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Usually, I have a fun & respectful working relationship with my models.  With Jessica, however, we've kept in touch throughout the year & have become good friends.  I don't get to see Jessica often -- she goes to school in New York State and only comes through town to visit her family (and when she does so, family obligations often fill her calendar).  Still, we exchange e-mails & phone calls on occasion and get together when we can.

Every sitting is exciting to me, but I was especially nervous about photographing Jessica this time.  By photographing a friend, I felt extra pressure to do her proud.  I learned a lot -- come in & see. 








Jessica is off to Germany for a year's study abroad.  I miss her already. 


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Jessica's Third Sitting Out Takes

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