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Amber is my first local model (here in Portland, Oregon), and she also is the first I found from a global modeling web site (    This web site is an interesting one, because you can search on lots of different criteria (I searched for Oregon models).  Unfortunately, this modeling web site is heavily dependent on pop-ups and scripts, so the overall performance of this web site is awful, despite it's terrific design.

Amber is a local college student who does a little fine-art modeling on the side.  She has a an interesting look -- she looks Continental to me.  She has a relaxed & comfortable demeanor, which made her very easy to work with.  Like with Lydia, we wandered my new house, but this time I added some lighting from my strobes for some of these pictures.

Amber by the back stairs, December, 2001

The Back Stairs

Amber & I returned to the back stairs.  The stairs wrap around three sides of a large & tall internal space, and there's the little area left in the middle where we made these pictures.


Amber in the Living Room -- December, 2001

The Other Amber Pictures

We spent the rest of this sitting in various spots throughout the house.


Assessment:  Since Lydia's visit, I have been busy, and most notably the house is more furnished.  So, I like several of these pictures, where we start to get a sense of the place, but my favorite pictures are from the back stairs, which could have been done in a studio.

Amber was very patient with me -- I had a death in the family right before our sitting, and Amber's peaceful & gentle style was exactly what I needed.

(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated)