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Page created  December 13, 2012
Sitting date:  September 4, 2012


I like the light.  I figure that I'll move closer...







Having moved closer, I like the more intimate feel of these images, but they are lacking in something -- maybe a sense of danger.  But we keep working; we are working quickly now.



So, to add danger, I add a bit of touching, with a riding crop.

Gotta tell you, it wasn't easy.  It made me a little uncomfortable, but mostly, I had problems holding the riding crop from an appropriate angle while still being able to release the shutter of the camera.  Add the fact that, with eyesight gone in one eye, I have poor depth perception.

But we must strive to overcome such physical challenges.



The riding crop didn't register well -- it's hard to see it (and in particular, its shape).  Keira was drawn to this little pinwheel thing.  Yet, the physical challenges remained -- a little uncomfortable, hard to hold the pinwheel & the camera release, and poor depth perception.  Ah, the sacrifices we make for our art. 










I like lots of these pictures, and Keira was enthusiastic.  She was everything I could want in a model.  However, it's clear to me that I'm a bit out of practice (with regards to these mild bondage pictures, at least).


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

All images (c) 2012 Looknsee Photography

There are no out takes from this sitting.