Keira, 4th Visit, August 2011

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Page created  April 28, 2012
Sitting date:  August 5, 2011


Keira is a lovely, intelligent, nomadic traveling model.  She returns for her Fourth Visit, and we take some chances, trying some new ideas & concepts. 

Additional images from this sitting are available in the Out Take Galleries.  (You will need a username & password to access the Out Takes Galleries -- see this FAQ question for more information). 

Fragmented Keira


Fragmented Commentary


My Day With Keira


Rolling On The Guest Room Bed


Keira Fourth Visit Bonus Pictures

Keira is a dependable & creative model.  I'm glad we took some chances this time. 


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All images (c) 2012 Looknsee Photography

Keira, Fourth Visit Out Takes

Over 150 more images from this sitting are available in the Out Takes Galleries, which are available to those who have made a donation to the upkeep of this web site.  See this FAQ question for more details.