Keira, Third Visit, September 2010

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Page created April 30, 2011
Sitting date:  September 12, 2010

I am very glad that I'm an amateur -- if I was "professional", I'd have to do this all the time, and I'd be afraid that all this would become routine and eventually become boring.  As an amateur, I can go at my own pace, and I can be selective.

How do I select models?  In a word:  chemistry.  The most fun sessions happen when the model & I get along, share a common objective, and have fun working together.  

Keira is at the top of my "chemistry" list -- we greatly enjoy working together.  Bonus -- she is gorgeous and has the kind of figure I love to photograph.  I don't know if you can photograph "chemistry", but I think you can.  Check it out. 

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Keira In A Little Black Dress


Keira's New Leather Jacket


Keira, As Seen By R. Crumb


Keira's Bonus Pictures
(No Out Take Images For Bonus Pictures)

Keira is a lot of fun to be around and even more fun to photograph.  She is inventive, creative, saucy, supportive, & beautiful, and more than anyone I know, she is just so natural being nude.  She is a terrific & inspiring model -- she gets a very high recommendation from me.


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Keira, Third Visit Out Takes

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