Chair Variations

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Page created November 25, 2009
Sitting date:  July 22, 2009



Although it's a big hassle to wrestle it into position, I have been using the big honkin' soft box a lot lately.  This soft box is 4' x 6', and its corners are a tad worn, so I don't like collapsing it & setting it up again, because I'm just wearing out those corners.  But it's really difficult maneuvering it down from upstairs -- there are a lot of corners that are difficult.  

But I love the soft, soft light.  I've got to admit that it is surprisingly challenging to set it up in a flattering manner (and yes, in this case, I came close but not quite close enough).

The funky chair is part of a two-chair set that came with a recovered barn wood table -- these usually live up in the guest room, but for Keira, I wrestled it downstairs.  It's heavy!  




Among other things, Keira's skin is flawless.  

In general, the big honkin' soft box creates forgiving light, meaning that it'll produce good images from a variety of positions / configurations.  

However, this image illustrates why I think I got this lighting wrong.  In particular, I don't like how Keira's eyes are shadowed.  I do like how the light gently highlights the muscular definition across Keira's torso.









It's funny -- as I age, I move less & sit more, and I've found that my photography is growing more sedate.  On the other hand, Keira is full of energy -- it's a shame to try to make her sit still.  I can tell you that we did take a little walk after our sitting -- despite wearing clunky sandal/shoes with thick wooden soles, she walks 'way faster than I can.

In any case, Keira is all over the chair.

In the future, I should find ways to get her to move -- there's nothing wrong with a moving model.


In any case, I've also noticed that as I age, I strive to create intimate feeling nude portraits.  See below.




Witness a concept that fell flat on its face.  For reasons I can't explain, I went out & found a Chinese finger puzzles.  I wanted to see a nude model struggle with it -- kinda like a low-key fetish thing.

Epic failure.

On top of everything else, Keira's fingers just weren't large enough to get locked.

Keira's game.  She tries real hard, but I can see right away that this concept is going nowhere.  But if you never try, you'll never know.  It is funny when you can get a serious model to do something silly.




Okay, we drop the finger lock concept like a hot potato.

Every once in a while, I think it's a good idea to try the opposite.  Lately, I've been using the biggest soft box I could get into the room.  What's the opposite?  A small, harsh light source.  I switch out the soft box with a small reflector, make minor adjustments to the other lights, and create some shadowy images.  My thought that with a figure as wonderfully defined as Keira's, some good shadows would highlight her fabulous physique.

Now, as I'm reviewing these images, I find that for the most part, I don't care for this images:

  • They are a little cliché. 
  • While this light might be nice on Keira's figure, it's not so good for Keira's lovely face.

I do like what the light does for her hair here.  I don't like what it does to her face.

Check out the image below.  I do like how you can barely see the details on Keira's face.




I do love my artistic effects.  I get mixed reviews from visitors to this web site, but I love them.

I've learned how to present them with a mouse rollover.  I'd be interested in feedback.

I'm presenting this rollover methodology for one image on each of these pages.  For this image, I've enlarged the border -- should I do that for all these rollover based images? 








We make tons of exposures using this shadowy light, but now, as I review them, I just don't like them.  They just seem like images made by a photographer with less experience than I have.  There'll be lots of images from this lighting setup on the Out Takes gallery.

I knew that I wanted to photograph Keira in my shower.  After taking a quick break to feed the parking meter & wrestle the lights into the bathroom, that's where we go.

Keira In The Shower


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

All images (c) 2009 Looknsee Photography

Keira Grant, First Visit Out Takes

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