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Sitting date:  June 24, 2005

Last March, I hosted a party for local photographers & models, and 50 people showed up.  Yulia traveled the farthest -- she came down from Seattle (150 miles away), and that's where I met her.  She was beautiful (obviously) and charming, and I was very interested in working with her.  In June, she came through town, and I jumped at the opportunity to work with her. 
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First sittings with models often make me nervous.  Typically, I meet a new-to-me model about 10 minutes before she's nude & in front of my camera, and there is no predicting what kind of chemistry we will have.  However, I met Yulia at my party & found her to be charming, warm, professional, and very, very good looking, so I had high expectations that we'd do well together.

Typically, for a first sitting, my only objective is "get acquainted", however in this case, we made a good variety of wonderful images.  I look forward to working with Yulia again. 


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Yulia #1 Out Takes

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