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Model Marathon, Part Three

In May, 2004, I received two model travel notices from One Model Place. I contacted both models, fully expecting that I'd be able to connect with at best only one of them.  Both responded to me at about the same time, suggesting the same date for a sitting. 

I decided to indulge myself & arranged for one model show up at 11:00, the second model show up at 1:00, the first model would leave at 2:00, and the second model would leave at 4:00 -- in other words, each model would be here for 3 hours, and their visit would overlap by an hour.  They agreed.

  • Part One:  Brooke Sullivan (OMP model #67895) was first, and the pictures we did together were here.  We exposed 10 rolls of film in that sitting.
  • Part Two:  Victoria A. (OMP model #15020) showed up at 1:00, and the pictures all three of us made together are presented here.  We exposed only 3 rolls of film in the hour before Brooke left.
  • Part Three:  After Brooke left, Victoria posed for me for the next two hours.  Together, we exposed 10 rolls of film.  These pictures are presented on these pages.

That next morning, I overslept two hours.










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