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When we last saw the lovely Leona, we tried to make some images on my back stairs (click here).   As you may recall, I did a terrible job in setting the exposure for these images, and only the magic of digital photo editing allowed us to take a glance at the images.  But technically, the negatives are nearly worthless.  I was very disappointed. 

Leona agreed to a quick, one-hour sitting to redo this particular setup.  So, natural light, late morning on a slightly overcast April day, and a lovely model.  See what happened.


Leona has been a favorite model this past year or two, visiting here lots of times & posing, what, a half-dozen times plus little mini-sittings like this one.  Not only is she beautiful, I just like spending time with her.

Leona has been exercising every day, and her body shows the benefits of her daily routine. 

And, of course, I highly appreciate the support she's provided over the past year or so.  She is always willing to pose for me.





The back stairs area is a weird space.  There are two low large windows to the left, a small window at the top of the back wall, and a peaked roof with small skylights on both roof slopes.  With white walls, light floods in & bounces around at all times of the day.   




There was something easy & peaceful about this sitting.  By now, Leona & I know each other fairly well, and I certainly understand how her body looks.  On her part, she was a beginner when she started modeling with me; now we'd have to call her "experienced".  

I believe that we made these exposures a few weeks before the set with Kaitlynn.  When Leona & I did these images, my dog Tundra was old but wasn't doing as poorly as she was with Kaitlynn visited.  As such, I think I was less distracted. 





I've often said that I don't photograph model's backs often enough.  My reason is simple:  I like talking with the model during the sitting, and it's feels unnatural to have a conversation with someone who is facing away from you.  But we were having a quiet time during this sitting, so I snuck in this exposure.

Looking at it, this image could be printed better, darkening the area below her waist.  Maybe I'll reprint.

(I still say that the back images I recently did with Lydia are the best I've done to date.) 



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