Page created March 6, 2003

If you read what was going on during the Leona Bonus Pictures, you may recall that I had a few extra rolls, but I was too lazy to process a short batch of film.  Leilani is a local model, and I invited her over for a short test sitting, hoping to expose 5-6 rolls of film (as opposed to my usual 10), so that I could process a full batch.  

Leilani is a lovely Asian model, and she may be the first Asian I've worked with.  We just tried some basic ideas.


First, on a stool or on a dining room chair.
















 I like finding ways to keep a model's hands busy -- after all, one's hands are the second most expressive part of one's body (the face is the most expressive).  Leilani's hair style is a built in prop for keeping her hands busy -- I like that a lot.


Leilani mentions that sometimes she enjoys some bondage photography, and I happened to have some art cord available.  We didn't have the time for any elaborate knot work, but we had a little fun.










Assessment:  Leilani is lovely -- she is expressive & artistic with smooth skin & a nice figure.  I would love to work with her again.

Unfortunately, I am still plagued with some minor technical problems -- I think the battery in my camera has finally died (and it's been replaced already).  I think I could do a better job printing this images, but I think I'll wait to see if Leilani & I can work together again.


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated)