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Sitting date:  May 24, 2007

Seven.  Seven is a large number, if you are counting the times I work with one particular model.  Lots of things can happen to prevent me from working with one particular model that often -- the chemistry can be limited, I can run out of ideas to try with that model, we can drift apart, the model can lose interest in modeling, someone can move away.  If we get to seven sittings, you can assume that it's something special.

Kira returns for her seventh visit.

Additional images from this sitting are available in the Out Take Galleries.  (You will need a username & password to access the Out Takes Galleries -- see this FAQ question for more information). 









It was a great pleasure to catch up with Kira, and I'm certainly glad she agreed to pose for me one more time.


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Kira #7 Out Takes

Around 70 more images from this sitting are available in the Out Takes Galleries, which are available to those who have made a donation to the upkeep of this web site.  See this FAQ question for more details.

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