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I just upgraded my photo editing software, Paint Shop Pro, from Version 6 to Version 9, and I've been playing with some of the "Artistic Effects".  Normally, I don't much care for modified / enhanced photos, but I've got to admit that some of the results are fairly interesting.  What do you think?  My favorite effect is "enamel", but I've also used "contours", "brush strokes", and "topography".  (Note -- after applying the effect, I've also typically enhanced the color saturation).  Scroll on or jump to abstract variations of a few favorite models:  Ashton, Brooke, Jennifer, Jessica, & Victoria.  

(Click on an image to see a pop-up of the original image)



Artistic Variations Of Ashton 


ag01d0052enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect


ag01d0058enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect


ag01d0092brush.jpg -- Brush Stroke effect


ag01d0092enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect


ag01d0092top.jpg -- Topography effect



Artistic Variations Of Brooke 


bs01d0015brush.jpg -- Brush Stroke effect


bs01d0015enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect


bs01d0015top.jpg -- Topography effect


bs02d0085enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect


bs02d0084top.jpg -- Topography effect


bs02d0122enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect -- Original not available


bs02d0150brush.jpg -- Brush Stroke effect


bs02d0150top.jpg -- Topography effect



Artistic Variations Of Jennifer 


jm01d0036enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect


jm01d0058enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect


jm01d0069brush.jpg -- Brush Stroke effect


jm01d0069brush.jpg -- Brush Stroke effect


jm01f009brush.jpg -- Brush Stroke effect

(Note:  most of the images on this page are modified color digital images, but this image started as a B&W film image.) 

jm01f009contours.jpg -- Contours effect


jm01f009enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect


jm01f009top.jpg -- Topography effect



Artistic Variations Of Jessica 


jg1101brush.jpg -- Brush Strock effect

(The above image was originally a B&W image) 

jg1505brush.jpg -- Brush Strock effect
jg1505enamel.jpg -- enamel effect

(The above images were originally B&W images) 


jg1d0030brush.jpg -- Brush Strock effect


jg1d0030enamelb.jpg -- Enamel effect



Artistic Variations Of Victoria 


va02d0052enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect


va02d0075enamel.jpg -- Enamel effect



I'm really curious to hear from you about these images.  Do you have a favorite image?  Do you have a favorite effect?  Should I continue playing with these effects, or are the images best as pure "straight" photographs?  Please let me know.



(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

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