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When I first met Ashley, she had just found out that she was pregnant with her first child.  She was thrilled.  I suggested that we get together & photograph her once a month for the next several month until after her baby is born.  Ashley enthusiastically agreed.
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Each sitting was planned to last just an hour, which is time for at best two different setups.  We agreed to start the first setup with her wearing & removing her street clothes, and we'll figure out the second setup as we go along.  Go see.

Note:  for a change, I will minimize my commentary.



February, 2007 (3 months pregnant)


March, 2007 (4 months pregnant)


April, 2007 (5-6 months pregnant)


May, 2007 (7 months pregnant)


July, 2007 (9 months pregnant)

(Two days after these pictures were made, Ashley had her baby)


September, 2007 (All Done)





Ashley is incredibly happy right now.


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Ashley #1 Out Takes

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