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Page Created April 3, 2004
Page Updated March 5,2010

Here are some random images, taken while walking around town.  Not exactly high art, but it'll give you a different perspective on how I see stuff.  Do you think I should continue with these pages?


Added April 26, 2010 


Giant Crab Attacks Portland

Giant Crab Attacks Portland

(Jakes is one of the oldest restaurant in Portland, and still one of the best.  Great seafood.
It is a Portland landmark). 




Added April 22, 2010 


The Arrival 















In olden times, the superstitious might read meaning into the roosting of birds on the roofs of homes, but in my thinking, it just means that storm weather was a-coming (birds have difficulty flying then).

Speaking of superstition see those 2x2 diamond patterns under the peaks of the gable ends?  That dates back centuries.  In the 17th century, everyone "knew" that witches flew on brooms, and they knew that witches flew into the highest window of the house.  So, people created false windows at the top of their houses.  Later, then tilted the windows 45 degrees -- that way, when the witches leaned over to get into the window, they would fall off.  In New England, you might be able to see some old farmhouses with these false windows.  In Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvanian Dutch turned the concept into a protective hex symbol.  And here, in townhouses built in the 21 century, the mystery lives on.





An unnaturally calm day on the river.



Added March 5, 2010 

Downtown Abstract



Added August 2, 2009 

Ducks in a row





For exercise, I walk around downtown.  Here is some interesting reflections off the windows from across the street, painting the sidewalk in front of me.



Added March 29, 2009 



Some variations on a single image.  This was a weird "building" -- it was being taken down, and only the front wall still stood.  See the background building & how you can see it through the empty windows?  I liked that. I also like the funky angles.




misc9328n0017brush768 -- I love this brush stroke effect.



Another "before" & "after" set -- I'm not sure what this is, but I think it was something simple, like window washing liquid dumped on the sidewalk, just before I passed by.







I have to admit that I'm liking my digital camera.  When I first started making pictures, I used an old Nikon S-1 rangefinder camera, which I carried around in an old Army surplus gas mask bag (along with a light meter, extra film, filters, gray card, gadgets, etc.).  That camera went with me everywhere!  It got to the point where I felt naked if I was walking around without that old gas mask bag slung over my shoulder.  Nowadays, my basic film camera is a 6x7 Bronica GS1 camera.  That's a big honkin' camera!  It's great for studio work, but it is a big effort to carry it around much.  Thus, I stopped making casual pictures of the places to which I walked, and I stopped "documenting" my neighborhood.  But with the digital camera, I can carry it around.  Making pictures like this one helps me remember my roots.

And I've got to say that I'm loving the addition of a brownish tint to my digital pictures.  Sure, the original is in color, but the subject matter was basically gray-scale anyhow.

(Image posted June 29, 2004)



Okay, who besides me sees the face of a bad 1950s Science Fiction movie robot?


My ancient dog -- she's 14 years old now & is having trouble walking & getting up off the floor.  Those hard wood floors are murder!








My homage to Aaron Suskind





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