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I am always looking for new models in the Portland, Oregon area.

Would you like to model for me?  Then, please drop me a line.  Also, be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions for models.

Here's what I look for in a model:

  • Confidence!
  • A lively sense of adventure & fun -- this is my hobby, and it has to be fun.  I love it when a model can share in the fun.  I like it when models are enthusiastic and animated and move around and make suggestions.  We are making art together, and models who can participate in the artistic process are best.
  • Reliability -- I understand that stuff happens, including last minute cancellations, but please let me know what's going on, and never stand me up.
  • Grace & energy -- while modeling, move around, show me different angles, take the concept & run with it, show me something new.
  • No Tattoos!  I understand that tattoos are popular, but like many photographers, I hate photographing tattoos:  it feels like I'm copying someone else's art, and I find them too distracting.  So, if we can't hide tattoos with poses, I'd rather not work with tattoos.
  • Attitude -- stay within your comfort zone, but challenge yourself to try something new.
  • Beauty -- yes, I am interested in good looking models.
  • Bonus -- if you have specific ideas or styles that you'd like to try to create with me, that's often challenging & a lot of fun, too.  Anything is fair game.

Here's a quick summary of what you'll find in the Frequently Asked Questions for models:

  • Don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
  • All nude models are compensated in some way.
  • I work with models with all levels of experience.  I am very easy to work with, and I've had excellent success helping people try nude modeling for the first time.
  • I do ask models to sign a release.
  • I make pictures for fun and for my web site.
  • With some limits, models can use the pictures we make together. 

I should mention that I am selective and that I only schedule one or two sittings each month. So, if you are interested, please Contact Looknsee!  (References are available upon request)


Another Portland photographer, Matt Schneider, has been very generous in helping me find models, resources, & locations.  He, too, would be interested in finding new models.  Check out his website for more details.


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